Who is Henrik Ruben Genz

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I honestly don’t know but somehow he is connected to me. Wrapped up in digital selephant, invisible to all senses unless deemed worthy by algorithms that decide a state of unlocked would be worthy of such linkage.

Deranged, maybe, is this automatic writing in the sense that Henrik is on IMDB and so am I. Is it that he sounds German while I keyword my data as identifying as German?

I am going to check, be right back.

Lasco Atkins appears in the Henrik Ruben Gnz movie, Good People. thts exactly what it says at the top of Google. But what does that mean exactly froma standpoint of, is Google searching me and decididng to throw links at me on the basis that I can see I am linked with this much greater personality but don’t appear on any of his search pages. Google gives me a tenuos link to say, but if you look really hard and click all the links, you too will find a link to Lasco Atkins.

The Journey continues

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