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Professional Voiceover

Lasco Atkins also does voice over work for both the gaming and infomercial industries. His natural accent is American / Germanic with a hint of Canadian. Listen to some samples below and if you have a further requirement thn please use our contact form to the right ——–>



lasco american newsbeat

Lasco talks with a American Accent in a Southern Twang. Reading aloud a timed news report script. Good stuff.


[jwplayer mediaid=”396″]





The Interview.

In this one Lasco talks in 2 accents, one, the interviewer talks with a Texas T accent while 2 talks with a refined British accent.

[jwplayer mediaid=”410″]





Oil & Water.

A  fine selection of voice control harmonic active dampening during accent changes. Seriously though its just really a Germanic accent talking English plus other various characters for use in ingame video game advert modules.

[jwplayer mediaid=”415″]




Russian Newsbeat

The same news report as above but in a Russian / Chechen style. 

[jwplayer mediaid=”418″]



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