About Taniwha

Kia ora,

I first heard about Taniwha from Kiwi mates in London a few years ago. I travelled to New Zealand within six  months and stayed in Wellington for 2 years.I invested just over a ¼ of  my life savings during that period. After researching for a month, I got a tattoo (see right), bought a car and undertook a 1 month road-trip (mainly the North Island) documentary. Once back in Welly I began writing the feature film script. I had many responses with mixed reviews, and even gave up hope for a while. I then met the only other person with as much enthusiasm for the story as I did: Rhonda Samoa. After we shot the trailer together we got some interest, at this current stage she has re-written half of the script. We will see if the studios can finally give us any money to make our dream come true and become a reality.

-Lasco Atkins



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