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Hi and welcome to our new really cheap stock footage page with a difference. We sell the cheapest high quality stock footage in the UK. Using 3 simple price points we know that you can get that indie movie out to distributors and come under budget when you use our cheap stock footage.

[quote] wow thanks so much Lasco. The footage arrived at our studio within the time specified and the grading perfectly matched our BG plate. definitely will use you again


Please also note that we have many more hours of footage stored on our servers and the samples below are indeed just that, samples. We will even grade / stabilise the footage for you. Just let us know by using our contact form.

[quote] good quality footage of cityscape. had to double check the price it was so cheap compared to the BBC or anyone else. Have speed dialed your contact details


In the future we wil categorise our library and upload it to our servers but for now please view our samples below and please contact us regarding your cheap stock footage needs.


[styled_box title=”Pricing” color=”blue”]

We offer 3 simple pricing structures in 3 different time lengths. Each shot has been divided into 3 different cut lengths. 20 seconds, 40 seconds and 1 minute. Simply select the length you require and go through our secure checkout. [arrow_list] <li>20 Seconds —–> £1.99</li>
<li>40 Seconds —–> £3.50</li>
<li>60 Seconds —–> £5.00</li>

It really couldn’t be any simpler. Choose your footage, choose your length then enter our secure checkout and remember if you do not see what you want, please contact us and we will search our server libraries for you.


Check out some examples below

[/styled_box] [styled_box title=”Graveyards, Monuments & Castles” color=”blue”]

Time Length

[/styled_box] [styled_box title=”Japanese Coast” color=”blue”]

Time Length

[/styled_box] [styled_box title=”Rocky shale beach footage Mouth of River” color=”blue”]

Time Length

[/styled_box] [styled_box title=”Anti War Protestors Demonstrators Rally” color=”blue”]

Time Length

[/styled_box] [styled_box title=”Potential UFO Santa Pod Raceway” color=”blue”]

Time Length

[/styled_box] [styled_box title=”Blow Torch Fire Results” color=”blue”]

Time Length

[/styled_box] [styled_box title=”World Famous Camden Lock” color=”blue”]

Time Length


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