Mabuk Films

Mabuk Films

Mabuk Films ltd is a registered company in Wellington, New Zealand. It was first started due to advice taken from a production company early in the pre-pre production process of the Taniwha feature film. It was originally Lasco Atkins’ final choice for his prod co name.
It is from the Malaysian language where it means ‘drunk’. In Indonesian it is spelt with an o making it mabok, but since of him being based in the UK Mabuk seemed an instinctual choice.

Stages of production Lasco Atkins’scripts:

Taniwha is in an on-going ‘pre-pre production’ despite investing 2 years of his life in Wellington (NZ) including travelling around the country and sending the script to nearly all production companies in NZ. The script is already in its 10th re-write since it has had new suggestions, including adding of scenes too. His co-producer and conceptual artist have added some of their own flavour to the script. A documentary and trailer have been made so investors could see the potential vision, but with no well known producer attached no one seems to care about the project leaving it up to the fates of NZ to finally come around and approach this project seriously. It is currently Lasco Atkins’ most researched and developed project.

Smilin with my Mouth to the Ocean’ is Lasco Atkins’ most personal film since it is loosely based around his own experiences with drugs and spiritualism. His book ‘Dreams & Trips’ is his account of the innocent trips to the most intense, the bad trip which has affected his life more than other experiences combined. The connection to the dream world is a constant in the book more than in the film script. The screenplay is nearly complete, past half way currently. (½ a year of on-off writing).

‘Jesus 2000’ is the longest Lasco Atkins has been working on a single script. Being his epic of all epics, it deals with a modern/futuristic take on the Jesus character. He starts off quitting his job as a carpenter than travels around the US eventually leading him to give public speeches and then arrest. He is tortured and then set free since he cannot be killed. After meeting with the rulers of the world (America) he is allowed to take his followers to the desert, where he (& his people) is nuked by the government. He survives and so does a ‘Mary’ who seems to have the same powers he does. The screenplay is passed half way of completion at this stage, the first draft has been completed.(On-off writing for over 5 years).

Other projects include:

‘Celebrity Island’ is a tale of government conspiracy where a secret scientific island in the Bermuda triangle has been hidden from the public until a new star is given the chance to live out his life on a cloning science lab island. He goes along with the fact Princess Di, Elvis, Bob Marley are all clones of themselves but decides to escape the island and reveal the governments secrets to the world. He is hunted by secret agents and races to unleash his frustration with the press’ help.


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