Justin Bieber grabbin some iddy biddy & Die Hard 5

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OMG, the very thought of Justin Bieber taking advantage of my little daughter sends shudders down my spine. What a cheeky little so and so. He reminds me of a certain Kardashian who has violated our world with her cat like face and large posterior. “Old” Justin thought he would have a pop a getting himself some iddy biddy on the sly but what he didn’t count on is getting papped.


Yes your most embarrasing moments can always be captured on film by your friendly papparazzi ass. On a flip side I can’t wait for the new old version of Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Hard (released February 14, 2013. Starring The geriatric but somehow still cool Bruce Willis who now teams up with his on screen son, Jai Courtney  are going to blow up a hell of a load of buildings and probably destroy a laser satellite with the spring guided opening mechanism of a microwave door.


Make sure to check out the IMDB Link here: Die Hard 5

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